Spread The Love

I've decided that this year I want to be extra giving and I want to inspire others to be more selfless, love thy neighbor and give to others.

With that in mind, My Family and I have created a new initiative called "Spread The Love" where we will be giving away tons of stuff from Toys to Video Games to E Gift Cards and so much more.

We hope that parents and children will benefit from the initiative. I know what its like to not have spare money to buy things that I want, so hopefully My Family and I can ease situations for several family's around the world by giving them an extra $20 bucks for gas, food, clothes or even toys.

I've received DM's on Instagram from Children saying they wish they had the toys that my kids have, and now I'm going to give these Children the opportunity to have said toys.

The "Spread The Love" initiative will operate in Three Key Ways.
1.Giveaways : Each Month I will be conducting Give Aways both via Instagram and ChrisBraverman.Com. Giveaways can include E Gift Cards to anywhere from Starbucks to Walmart, as well as physical items such as Electronics, Toys, Video Games, Gaming Consoles, Home Products and so much more. I might have you guess something about me and the first person to accurately predict that particular fact about me will win the Give Away. I could also conduct instagram exclusive Give Aways with rules pertaining solely to the functionality of Instagram. Be sure to turn on your Instagram Notifications for updates.

2.Contests : I Love being creative and love to inspire others to use their imagination and be creative as well. From time to time, I may hold Contests for Higher End items and will require participants to create something out of this world in order to win what ever it is that I might be giving away. I will be sure to make each contest fun and unique so stay tuned.

3.Randomly : I'm sure you've heard of Loyalty Programs. Well, my Loyalty Program works in one simple way. If you Follow Me actively and I know that you have been liking or commenting on my Photos multiple times, then I will keep you in mind all year round and you could possibly be called out randomly to receive a free gift from me and my Family. It's that simple. If I notice you're frequently active on my Instagram page, you could be randomly called out and sent a cool item on our behalf.

Well, that's all for now my Braverman Buddies. Make sure to actively follow me on Instagram (ChrisBraverman) as I will be announcing "Spread The Love" events every month.

And remember it's always better to give than to receive!

(Please Note : I am not affiliated with any of the brands pictured in this image, nor are they endorsing or have any knowledge of my endeavor)

The Hall Of Fame

Below is a List of Winners who have Won prizes as part of our "Spread The Love Initiative"

Instagram User : MonicaStorch
Prize : $10 Starbucks E Gift Card

Instragram User : NWOKID
Prize : $10 Starbucks E Gift Card

Instagram User : Rachel85Miller
Prize : $20 Toys R Us E Gift Card

Instagram User : ChaChaSton
Prize : $30 Target E Gift Card

Instagram User : ImJacki
Prize : $10 Starbucks E Gift Card

Instagram User : TommyBella19_
Prize : $10 Starbucks E Gift Card

Instagram User : Ashley.C.Wright.94
Prize : Paw Patroller & Air Patroller play vehicles

Facebook User : Nicholas Antol
Prize : Phenomenal Figure Give Away

Lindsay Bosworth
Prize : Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Play Set

Instagram User : MichyTruVampire
Prize : $10 Starbucks E Gift Card

Instagram User : 80s_Revolution
Prize : $10 Starbucks E Gift Card

Instagram User : RedArrowCustoms
Prize : Network Spotlight - AJ Styles action figure